Fresh Air Walks: Where to?


Last Wednesday was incredible. The warm temperatures, blue skies, and bright sun interrupted the monotony of indoor routines, jackets, and general longing for outdoor activity. Like many a mom, I made the most of the weather.

The kiddos and I set out via stroller to soak up sunshine and seek out adventure. First stop, the hub of play in Madison, otherwise known as Dodge Field. Our venture was timed post-afternoon nap, which meant we were at peak play time post dismissal. To be honest, it's one of my favorite hours in Madison. My little kid loves to watch the big kids play basketball. I like seeing tiny tots convene with parents at the swings. The sandbox, freshly filled, is the epitome of toddlers at work. In essence, the vibe was spring, spring, spring.

After we exhausted ourselves at Dodge field we moved onward for ice cream. As we walked home, we made sure to go a different way, which is our favorite thing to do. It's these little adventures that make for the most fun. Caught up in a charming houses, people socializing, and fellow souls with strollers, we found deep joy in the ordinary opportunity to observe.

As we approached our home I felt a longing for a new route, neighborhood, or green space to explore. Still newish to town and a lover of a simple walk, I noted it might be worthwhile to seek out something special.

So friends, where's a simple space for walks? Or, what's a great neighborhood to stroll around? While I love trails and parks, I like to save those for weekend outings when my partner-in-crime aka husband can join us. And for good measure, throw in a playground suggestion that's off the beaten path.

For now, look for me on Main Street. I've got two kids in tow and a coffee, iced or hot, in hand.