Today Ana is 2.

2 whole years old. 

Ana came out this tiny little thing (just a few ounces bigger than Zoe).  From the very beginning she made herself known (the little bugger decided that she would be a VBAC even though Mommy scheduled a c-section).

She has grown up so quickly.  I have to say... I can completely accept that she's 2.  No denying.  None of that "I can't believe she's 2!" Actually... sometimes we joke that we missed a year somewhere and she's actually 3.  At 2 years old she's about 35 pounds to Zoe's 40.  She also does things that make people question her age. (She can turn on the iPhone or iPad, open a game app... and totally match letters.  No help. Crazy.)

Ana is very thoughtful. She thinks things out, solves problems, asks questions.  She's very verbal.  (Like, when you play "hide and seek" and yell out "Where are you Ana? Where could Ana be?" here answer is never "HERE I AM! Her answer is something like "I behind you Mommy!" or "I under here Mommy!"

Ana is a total snuggle bug and a momma's girl... but she also wants to run free and wants to be on her own.  She has a major sense of independence.

She is a total binkie baby.

Ana can be a total shy violet... or the loudest kid on the block.

She is a total jokester and had a ridiculous sense of humor.

In many many ways Ana is the most easy going 2 year old around.  She sleeps easily.  She eats easily.  She makes friends easily.  She follows directions like no other.  The very first word to ever describe her is happy.  She is a happy girl.  (Except when she isn't and then... oh, man... watch out. TEMPER!)

Like I've said before... Ana is big.  But... it's not just her size that is big.  Everything about her is big.  Ana has a huge personality.  A big belly laugh.  She dances big.  She plays big.  She has a huge heart... and gives the best biggest hugs.  She loves big.  And I do my very best to love her the biggest I can.

Happy Birthday Ana!!!  You make Mommy so very happy.  I couldn't be more proud of the big girl you are becoming.  Keep those smiles and laughs coming!