1st Day and Last Day - Ana

First day of Toddler school - September 15, 2010

Last day of Toddler school - June 17, 2011

What a difference 10 months makes in a toddler!  This short time makes the whole difference between a baby and a girl.  And, oh my goodness, is Ana ever a girl.  (I mean... check out the fancy headband!  The girl likes accessories.)  Even her little face just looks so different to me.  She's just loosing the "baby".

Along with the baby cheeks she's losing the baby ways.  She is such a charmer... she has this way of getting things she wants.  She's a comedian... I don't know where she comes up with 1/2 the things she says.  She's a smarty pants... she is definitely too smart for her mama's good.  She's just getting so big so fast.

I've always been a mom to girls... but now I'm definitely a mom to big girls.  Sigh.