1st school day for Madison Public Schools

first day of school

first day of school

Goodbye Summer... hello school! This week we've been having a lot of mixed feelings. I'm pretty sure we all have them. We still want summer... but we're excited to start school. We still want lazy days... but we miss our friends and activities. You know those feelings, right?

Yesterday we went to our school open house to meet the teachers, see our classrooms, and find out exactly which friends are in the same class. The excitement finally really set in. (For kids and moms!) I don't know about you... but as much as I love my kids and spending quality time with them... I was ready for them to get back to school. I know my friend Beth gets me. Last night she updated her Facebook status to say "It's back to school eve. I'm too excited to fall asleep!" That was exactly it. Excited. Excited for them to start a new school year... but also excited to get back to my routine. Excited to get back to my self.

So today we all took our first day of school pictures. We all gave our last rushed hugs and messages of "good luck!" and "have a good day!". We all watched as our kids skipped on up onto the bus. We all waved as the bus rounded the corner to whisk them off to their first day. And then... we all did a little happy dance. (Well... at least I did a happy dance.)

Today is full of promise! So many options. I'm sitting and drinking a slow cup of hot coffee in silence. I'm deciding whether I will challenge myself to make this day the most productive day I've had in months... or whether this will be the day I do NOTHING but watch some daytime TV and relax after the busiest travel summer ever. What to do, what to do?

So tell me... what will you be doing with your time today?