What to do with a warm day.....

There's the smell of spring in the air! I don't know what changed, but it feels like winter is almost over! Now's when we get those occasional days that just make you want to get out and enjoy - but what to do? Keep this day trip in your back pocket for just that time....... Image 3-8-16 at 5.14 PM

In my world a perfect day trip is where we can get out and walk a bit, see some sights and not have to corral the kids at every moment. Add in an unusual stop for lunch and all is good. This is that sort of trip. It features:

  • Walkway Across the Hudson
  • Lunch at Orange County Choppers (with a game of bowling thrown in if you'd like)
  • and The Bear Mountain Carousel ride.

The details:

Just a bit north of NJ there is an amazing park that's actually a safe, fenced in walkway over the Hudson River! Opened a few years ago, this is one of the most unusual parks around. You can bike, walk your dog, whatever - just leave your motorized things at home. See more details here.

After absorbing the phenomenal views, pop back into the car for a short drive to Orange County Choppers - yes from the TV show. They now have a cafe with 30 beers on tap and a bowling alley. Full disclosure - I haven't been there since they opened the cafe, so let me know how it is. It looks pretty good on their website. And bowling is C-H-E-A-P!

And if you never made it up to Bear Mountain to ice skate, stop by now for the carousel.

Here's how I'd do it - leave home at 9:00 to get to the carousel when they open at 10:00. Enjoy the ride - pop back into the car for the ride to the bridge (less then an hour), walk across (bring snacks for the hungry tummies and the kids bikes) and then head over for lunch at Orange County Choppers, a mere 30 minutes away. After that - the ride home is the perfect length for a nap - just not for the driver!

Ttfn!.....  Mrs. C.

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