About A Madison Mom


Colleen Bohensky - Owner/Editor


Colleen lives in Madison, NJ with her husband, Nick, and her daughters, Zoe (born 6/05) and Ana (born 7/08).  She began writing at A Madison Mom in March of 2007.  It was very much a “mommy blog”… all about her adventures as a new stay-at-home mom.  She was just writing about everyday life in NJ. The things they did, the places they went, the people they saw, their thoughts on things… and anything else that was interesting along the way.

In 2016, she decided to change it up a little.  A Madison Mom is still about the things she does with her family… and things she enjoys as a mom (and to get away from being a mom!).  But, she wants to share more about what makes Madison, NJ so amazing.  She wants to share information with the other families here (or thinking of moving here) about the local schools, restaurants, businesses, and events.  And, to do that, she’s enlisting some of her local friends to help her out. 


Laura Axler

Though originally from the Philly suburbs, Laura and her husband Eric taught English in Japan for a year, then bounced around various northern NJ towns and NYC before happily settling in Madison in 2004. Their two kids, Jordan (born 2006) and Becca (born 2008) keep them busy with various sports, theater and music classes, scouts, etc. Laura is a former teacher and educational editor who is currently a stay-at-home mom, running carpools and Brownie meetings. In addition to spending time with her family, she enjoys being in nature, crafting, exploring, and traveling.

Jaime Conroy.jpg

Jaime Conroy

Jaime is a wife and mom of two children. Jackson is 11 years old and plays piano, violin and plays football and basketball. He is also on the autism spectrum (high-functioning), and has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. He also loves anything having to do with Pixar, and most movies, in general. Jaime’s other child is Ella who is 9 years old. Ella loves to perform: sing, dance, act…whatever she can! She is also a huge fan of watching YouTube videos and making her own home videos.

Jaime was a theatrical lighting designer and Equity stage manager before she got married to her husband, Jim, who she met in college. Jim is an actor and voiceover artist. Their life is anything but ordinary, with constant change and unexpected events constantly taking place, all while trying to keep life relatively normal for Jackson and Ella.

Jaime has been a fierce advocate for Jackson over the years. She has also worked tirelessly with many parent organizations in the Madison School District to help all of our kids get what they need. You can read more about her adventures on that road on her blog My Special Boy.

Jaime has lived in Madison for 11 years and loves the town, and the friends she has made here.


Beth McConnell

Beth McConnell lives in Madison, NJ with her husband and four children, who are very quickly becoming taller than she is. She’s sharing her take on mothering adolescents, being a failing but functional housewife and adventures in family life. She is a former news and entertainment reporter and has a blog over at IllPreparedHousewife.


Katie Zurich

Katie is the newest Madisonian of our writers.  (She also has the “newest” children of our writers!) She lives here with her husband and two kids. Kara, her firstborn, is a typical two-year old, which means they spend most of their days exploring and embracing life’s simplest and sweetest treasures. Mary, her baby, is seven months young. She makes her mark through grunts and groans along with a sense of stubbornness accompanied by lots of smiles.

She tells us she loves coffee. Seriously, the first cup of the day is sacred to her. (“Dear Drive-Thru Starbucks, I love you.”) And while she might be a sleep deprived general hot mess, she’s obsessed with the phase of life she’s in. Motherhood humbles.

We’re excited for Katie to share Madison and all of it’s simple pleasures with us through the eyes of a new resident… with her infant and toddler in tow!