We had a blast at the #HasbroPlayDate

*Disclosure: I was sent an invitation to attend the #HasbroPlayDate.  There was not cost for the event, and we were given a goodie bag of Hasbro products after the play date.  No posts or reviews were required. All opinions expressed are my own. When I was at BlogHer in Chicago (which, yes, I still haven't posted about) I was lucky enough to run into Ruby from Growing up Blackxican.  (I just love that when I go to BlogHer, even 1/2 way across the country, I always meet fellow New Jersey bloggers!)  While we were chatting she asked if she might see me at the #HasbroPlayDate the next Saturday.  The next thing I knew I was getting an e-mail telling me Ruby gave them my contact info... and we were invited to a NYC play-date!

#HasbroPlayDateWe were told that the products we would be playing with probably wouldn't excite Zoe ("preschool playdate" and 8 year old... not quite a match) but that it would be right up Ana's alley.  But you know what?  We ALL had a blast.

Who doesn't love a new can of Play-Doh?

play-doh manKatie Balloons made these fabulous Hasbro toy themed balloon animals. I can't begin to say how impressed we were with her.  (Her business card includes "Smile Generator"... and it was oh so true!)

Balloon animalsAnd then there was face painting.  I'm afraid I didn't get the artists name... but oh my goodness was she an ARTIST.

face paintOh... and we can't forget the toys!

playdatetoys1They had the #HasbroPlayDate in the Loft event space at The Bryant Park Hotel.  During the 2 hour event we played to our hearts content.  They just had the toys around the room, and the kids explored in their own time.  There was a corner set up with "baby toys" (which my girls kind of avoided), a corner with a few different play-doh sets at tables, a corner with games (like Operation, Chutes and Ladders, Perfection, Hungry Hippos, and Hi Ho CherryO), a TV with the new Transformers Rescue Bots video game system, and a kid friendly food area (think, fruit kabobs, juice and milk boxes, smiley face pizza... ).

One of our favorite "toys" was the new Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector.  It can take digital photos, add things like hats/backgrounds/glasses/animal costumes/etc, and then with the flip of a switch it turns into a projector.  Ana and Zoe love clicking shots and then running in and showing us their slide shows on the wall.  I have to admit I love doing it too.  It also has a USB post so you can save all of the kids photos.cameraAnother favorite was Magic Jinn.  It was little difficult to use in the playdate space (since it was loud) so we were so happy we got to bring one home with us.  You turn Magic Jinn on by pressing his nose.  He tells you to think of an animal and then starts asking you questions.  You need to answer "Yes", "No", "It depends", or "I don't know".  The questions are things like "does your animal have hair or fur?" "Can your animal jump?" "Is your animal larger than a washing machine?"  After a number of questions Magic Jinn will guess your animal.  And Jinn?  He's pretty magical with the guesses!  Once in a while you can stump him though.   MagicJinnAnother favorite was Chasin' Cheeky.  I didn't get any good photos of Cheeky since he was pretty hard to catch (especially with the crowd), but there is 1 shot up above of Nick trying to toss a ring on Cheeky's tail.  You turn Cheeky on and put his banana in his mouth.  Then he randomly runs around while you try to get your rings on his tail.  Once you ring his tail you're suppose to take his banana.  Without the banana, Cheeky stops moving and starts to wiggle his little monkey butt.   Nick said it was pretty challenging (you can see he stood far away to toss).  For toddlers the directions are to scatter the rings, collect your color rings 1 at a time to place on Cheeky's tail, and the 1st to get all 3 of their rings on grabs the banana and then celebrates their win by shaking their tush with Cheeky.  All I can say is, that tushy wiggling makes lots of giggling!

As a little bonus to the play date, we were given 2 tickets to head across the street to the Bryant Park Carousel.  It was a really great way to end a playdate (even in the drizzly rain).