Oh Christmas Tree... THE Christmas Tree

We live an hour from NYC (more or less, depending on traffic).  You might think we take advantage of that an experience all the big city has to offer. Has our family EVER been to see NYC at Christmastime?  Um... NO.  NEVER.  NOT EVER.

That is... never until this December.  :)

Was it memorable?  Sure.

Were the girls impressed?  A little.

What did I spend most of my time doing? Making sure Ana was trampled.  (NYC at Christmastime really must be quite terrifying for little people!!!)

What do I recall Nick saying on the way into the parking garage elevator?  Well... we don't ever have to do that again.

What do I have to show for our adventure?  A few really crappy iPhone photos! IMG_2540 IMG_2541 IMG_2542 IMG_2543 IMG_2544 IMG_2545 IMG_2546 IMG_2548

Will we ever take go into the city at Christmastime again?  I'm sure we will.  :)  Who doesn't love crowds and chaos and twinkling lights?