KidzVuz Holiday House Party

Zoe and I hopped on the train into NYC today so we could spend the day at the KidzVuz Holiday House Party.  And, long story short?  It was AWESOME. I guess I can't leave it at AWESOME though, huh?  I'll give you a few details about our favorite things.  :)

We loved the sweet set up done by iscream.  (Oh... and iscream has adorable products too! Clothing, backpacks, pillows, blankets, etc.)

IMG_5972 IMG_5974

Zoe loved checking out the new products from Kawaii Crush.  We have one of the little tiny doll sets (Owlena and Hoot Hoot).  I can imagine more of the little sets showing up in our house.  I also KNOW that Ana would LOVE the bigger dolls (like the ones on the table in the pic).  The website is also pretty cool.


I am not a dog person.  We will not ever own a dog.  Except... maybe a Zoomer Pup.  I could totally agree with bringing Zoomer home.  The party was a little loud to play with Zoomer (since he follows voice commands) but the few tricks we did get him to do ("sit" and "play dead") were so fun.  Also, pretty cool website.


I don't totally understand the WiiU... but Zoe had no problem immediately making herself at home and playing like a pro.  I didn't get a turn to try it out (the day was totally about kids' play) so I think I'm going to have to do a little research.


Zoe had played with her Nintendo DS on the train to NYC... but that didn't stop her from taking a little time on the 2DS and 3DS.


I have a feeling we'll be getting our Wii Fit board back out.  Yeah, we were already Nintendo fans.  Our love is renewed though.


Zoe was extremely serious about figuring out the Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow and Heartbreaker Bow.  She wouldn't give those things up until she figured out how to aim and hit her target.


Zoe's favorite toy of the day may have been the Furby Boom.  Like the Zoomer Pup, it was a little hard to play with Furby since it was so loud.  That didn't stop Zoe from taking a little detour every time we went near the Furby table.  THRILLED doesn't describe Zoe when she realized she got to bring one home.  She's in love with her new furry friend.


My favorite part of the day?  I loved watching all of the blogger kids hanging out just playing.  Zoe had a blast playing Mario with Sherry's, Mitch's, and Julie's kids.  That bunch could have hung out on that couch together for HOURS.  Zoe and Erin especially became fast friends.  Love it.

Blogger kids

I love knowing that Zoe enjoys going to these events as much as I do!  Thank you KidzVuz for the amazing day.

(Be on the lookout for video reviews from Zoe!) NaBloPoMo 2013