Walk In Handbuilding at Madison Mud Clay Studio

Forever and ever ago I won a certificate for an "adult clay-date" for 6 at Madison Mud here in Madison, NJ.  (It's been at least a year ago.  Maybe almost 2 years?) For whatever reason I haven't been able to get myself organized enough to schedule a date and a group of friends for a ladies night out.  Melanie (the owner) and I have known each other quite a while now, and she's teased me about the fact that there have been three or four times that I've planned on coming in for one event or another... and I STILL hadn't made it in to try my hands at clay.  Last week I'd decided enough was enough and we had to visit.  Melanie was kind enough to swap out our 6 adult clay-date for 6 hand-building slots (Ana & Margo this week... then Ana, Margo, Zoe & Jo next week). Madison Mud

This week, for our 2nd summer, we're having what has been deemed "Camp Bohensky".  Mainly that means Zoe is off to sleep-away camp with her friends Jo and Kayla... and I'm at home with Ana and Jo's sister Margo.  So... babysitting.  Or a week of play-dates for Ana and Margo.  Or Camp Bohensky.  Whatever you want to call it, that's what I'm doing this week.  Last year there were a few blogger events that I took the girls to.  This year we have some fun things planned (clay, fairies, LSC, swimming.... ) that should keep Ana and Margo (and me) pretty happy.

This morning we popped over to Madison Mud around 11:30 for their open studio hours (Summer hours=M-F 11-4 and S&S 12-5).  They have a schedule online of the planned activities but since it's "open" I'm pretty sure you can build what you like.  It's priced by project size. ($25...  3lbs of clay or less) and there is an instructor to go over how to make the planned project.  I love that you don't have to make a reservation (although earlier is better in case the table fills up!).

This week the  project is "coil pitcher". (Next week is favorite animals, the following week is weaved bowls.)  The girls were pretty attentive when the teacher was giving instructions... and were very serious about their art.

Madison Mud Collage

I think the girls had an awesome time.  Since it was open studio hours it was a mixed group... 2 college girls, 2 middle school girls, and then Ana & Margo.  Everyone seemed to be having fun.  The older girls all ended up with the planned pitcher.  Ana ended up going more for a vase for tissue paper flowers (that I said we could make) or a pencil holder.  Margo has plans to store her jewelry in her container... or as something for her American Girl Dolls.  They're really excited to get the call to return to paint them after they're fired.

Madison Mud Coil Pot Collage

I'd say we had a pretty successful first day of Camp Bohensky.  Now... what should we do tomorrow?

Madison Mud is located at 6 Main Street in Madison.  You can contact them by phone (973) 520-8480 or email mel@madisonmud.com.  Visit the Madison Mud Website for more information about all of the classes, camps, parties, and clay-dates!