Chocolatier for a day at Chocolate Works Montclair

Forever ago we were invited to attend an event at Chocolate Works Montclair.  As happens, way too often, my procrastination got the best of me... and I'm finally sharing all of the fun we had when we went to visit this amazing chocolate shop. cwmcrop

Chocolate Works Montclair transforms the corner candy shop into an interactive chocolate factory experience.  Beyond the colorful candy bins and case of chocolates, kids and adults of all ages are invited to indulge in a hands-on learning experience molding, decorating, dipping, enrobing, and crafting chocolate and candy creations.

Chocolate Works uses all-natural, 100% Belgian chocolate in its handcrafted creations.  The store has hundreds of options of high quality gourmet chocolates, truffles, molded items, favors, platters/baskets, gifts, bulk candy, hand dipped chocolate covered fruit, a chocolate fountain (fun!) and ice cream, all of which can be customized.  Chocolate Works also specialized in custom corporate and party favors.

Chocolate Works Montclair hosts birthday parties, ladies nights, corporate events, drop off workshops, and field trips.  The party room can hold up to 40 guests.

We got to experience the activities you would do at a birthday party at Chocolate Works Montclair.  One of the major projects we did was to do a chocolate mold and decorate them.  This was done in steps and we did other activities in between while the chocolate was being refrigerated to harden for decorating.  The girls picked from a wall full of candy molds.  Like I said, we went a while ago, and we decided on candy canes and Christmas tree ornaments.  They each got to use the chocolate "gun" to fill the mold on the "jiggling" machine.  After the chocolates were hardened we spent a lot of time perfectly decorating.  Such a fun "crafty" activity.

chocolate molds

I think the girls' favorite thing may have been the chocolate "car wash".  They got to choose a pretzel, graham cracker, or oreo to put on the conveyor belt (they both picked pretzel).  Then they watched as their pretzel went through the chocolate wash and drip dried a little.  They got to decide whether or not to do toppings.  (Zoe did chocolate chips.  Ana did sprinkles.) They watched as it went into the chilling area... and then waited for their creation to come out the other end.


In between the big activities we had some other fun and games.  The girls wore aprons, decorated hats, played candy bingo, and got to dip a couple of things in the chocolate fountain.  Talk about a sweet time!  We even got to get a few scoops of candy to go from the amazing wall of candy bins.  I think they both want to find work in chocolate factories now.

fun and games

While we were there enjoying all of the fun activities, we also got to watch Chocolate Works master chocolatier make some of their delicious treats; salted caramel chocolate pretzels, and s'mores chocolate breakaway. Oh my gosh YUM. Thank goodness they gave us some of these to take home.  They were heavenly.

chocolate demo


Chocolate Works Montclair is located at 42 South Park Street, The Siena, in Montclair, NJ.  973-744-3344 For more information on Chocolate Works you can like the on Facebook, follow the on Instagram, or visit their website.